Our Services


We at IAPL provide infrastructure advisory in India for enabling corporates to make strategic decisions in a more scientific and accurate manner. Backed by analytical research, knowledge of specific business environment and experience of trends of business cycles, we formulate the entry strategy for companies into the infrastructure sector and its sub sectors with real estate advisory and establish the optimum growth strategy, allocation and optimization of resources. Our Strategic Advisory enables companies to convert its visionary thought into reality by way of scenario visualization, risk assessment, forecasting and realistic recommendations.

We provide detailed insight on various infrastructure and financial services sectors. Business reports enables corporates to have one shot view of the business and its ecosystem. Team IAPL has hands on experience in the area of project finance services, infrastructure sector and their sub sectors, public private partnership models, special economic zones and our sector reports provide a comprehensive coverage of business environment, legal system, mapping of competition, emerging trends and future outlook. The reports are tailor made in order to best address the needs to the client.

Some of the Major Reports been prepared by IAPL are :

  • Report on Non-Banking Financial Companies in India covering legal and regulatory framework, business environment and outline of process of implementation of NBFC business in India
  • Report on Inland Container Depots and Container Freight Stations covering the business environment and outline of process of implementation in India
  • A report on special needs and concerns for financing of infrastructure sector projects with focus on road sector financing
  • Report on Rural Healthcare Sector covering East Indian States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal
  • Report on the opportunities, challenges and developments in the infrastructure sector under the 12th Five Year Plan
  • Report on Treasury Management in Non Banking Financial Companies in India

IAPL through its bid advisory services helps corporates to take an investment decision involving commitment of capital in an informed and holistic manner. The investment decisions at the time of bidding for PPP projects are influenced by a host of factors, and a few of them are beyond the control of the company. Our bid advisory services systematically studies macro-economic and micro economic factors that influence the project, validate revenue projections, study legal risk, counter party risk, develop financial model, factor in cost of capital, advice on the behaviour of capital market for such type of projects. Financial model is built using Dynamic Input Concept which helps corporates to carry out scenario analysis with ease and also provides for optimization of the capital structure to arrive at a suitable decision. Team IAPL also suggests bidding strategy considering competitive environment in general and bid specific parameters.

Team IAPL with its strong background in the field banking and financial services has the ability to raise finance to meet the need of corporates or a project company. IAPL fund raising involves all three tier of finance i.e. equity, mezzanine and senior debt. IAPL specializes in fund raising services in India and globally by way of equity or equity like instruments for small and medium enterprises, which requires extensive working with such organizations to make them ready for external equity stake. IAPL has knowledge and skill to structure the transaction from its placement perspective and also keeps a watch on cost of such finance. Structured Finance is one of the fortes of IAPL and we have undertaken complex transactions in the market place. We have vast experience in arranging Project Finance, Corporate Finance, Working Capital by way both on shore and off shore products considering the suitability of the same and risk appetite of the corporate or the project company.

IAPL is an infrastructure sector boutique advisory set up and our team is well networked amongst sector players and has the ability to connect with targets for acquisition of BOT assets or dilution of the stake in such BOT assets. We assist corporates in building up assets book by advising viable investment options amongst various sub sectors of infrastructure sectors. IAPL competency of valuation and structuring transaction considering contractual frame work of such BOT assets is an added advantage to the client.



IAPL assists Government and Statutory Authorities in their endeavour to create infrastructure projects. Government is increasingly recognising participation of private sector in developing infrastructure projects. The stated policy of participation by private sector is significant different from traditional thought of development of infrastructure by government and available to users free of charge. With this change in approach, it is important for government to seek professional help to ensure the strategic level allocation of risks of the project to the party which is the best position to handle, create a transparent frame work of awarding the project to ensure fairness to the bid participants, create a legal framework for enforceability of the contractual obligation, economic viability of the project to all stakeholders and most important is bankability of the project to ensure financing for the project. IAPL provides holistic offerings to Government and Statutory Authorities to evaluate their strategic objectives, convert into workable projects, carry out studies, create risk sharing framework, develop legal framework, bid out in compliance with procurement policy of the government.

Infrastructure project bidding process is far more complex than traditional government projects. Projects now are have a much wider scope like designing, financing, post project services in line with service level agreement. This complexity requires designing bidding frame work in wider context and professional support is a well recognised fact. IAPL provides Bid Process Management services to government covering drafting and floating of documents comprising RFQ, RFP, Concession Agreement, maintaining updating and disseminating the necessary data and information related to the project, interaction with the market, identification of potential bidders and their requirements, inviting bids for selection of project developers, managing and responding to requests for clarification followed by bid evaluation and providing assistance till financial closure to ensure a successful conclusion

We help domestic and international government bodies in preparation of detailed project reports and feasibility studies for their prospective projects. Across sectors, we provide critical feasibility studies that work as a solid basis for decision makers for prioritisation and structuring of projects. We have industry wide networking with legal and technical experts, survey specialists and engineers who have years of experience with construction, analysis, strategy and concept development and thereby provide a comprehensive coverage of the technical, legal, regulatory and financial aspects through our reports.